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CO-PRODUCTS how we are adding value

making the most out of every stick of cane and root of beet

CO-PRODUCTS how we are adding value


Sugar is at the heart of what we do, but our businesses also make a diverse range of co-products, using manufacturing processes that are fully integrated with our sugar operations.

Each of our co-products meets a different customer need while helping us to use raw materials more effectively to minimise waste.

Find out more about our award-winning circular economy approach here

what we do - co-products

co-products - agriculture, horticulture and animal feed

Up until November 2016, we grew 140 million eco-friendly tomatoes a year in the UK’s largest single tomato glasshouse that were packed on-site and sent direct to supermarkets. Going forward, we will be growing plants for epilepsy medicine. Click here to find out more.

For the agriculture market we make LimeX, which is used to improve soil pH for many farmers. We recover aggregate, and topsoil from harvested sugar beet and sell this primarily for landscaping. We create seed technologies to help growers of sugar beet and other crops achieve better results. We also make a wide range of animal feeds – some in pellet form and some liquids. 

a world class horticultural operation 

top soil liming minerals betaine aggregate raffinate
animal feed is produced in accordance with stringent feed assurance standards

beet pulp, molasses, betaine, raffinate, vinasse...


co-products - renewable energy and renewable fuels

We produce bioethanol to mix with petrol. We also generate electricity and heat from the sugar making process to power our factories and supply renewable electricity onto the local grids.

electricity, combined heat and power (CHP)

biomass fuel, bioethanol


co-products - speciality products

Our speciality products include betaine (a high value animal feed supplement), furfural (a renewable chemical), bagasse for making paper and potable alcohol for the beverage industry.

We also make a range of speciality sugars including caster sugar, icing sugar, demerara sugar and more.



bagasse for paper

speciality sugars,



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