feeding livestock
with protein rich
animal feed

Livestock farm sheep

over one million
annually across

Bh cane field

Feeds and supplements

We produce a range of animal feed products that are a source of protein-rich food for a range of livestock, including cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses.

Our animal feed is produced in a range of formats, such as pellets, liquids and moist forms - and is derived from sugar beet pulp and sugar cane, or feed-grade wheat.

To complement this animal feed, we also produce a range of animal feed supplements, such as betaine, raffinate and vinasse.

Wheat field sky

derived from
sugar beet pulp,
cane and

liquids &
moist form

along with

Sugar beet crop soil

Feed derived from sugar beet pulp and cane

In our Spanish operations, they produce over 250,000 tonnes of animal feed annually, which also includes liquid animal feed from enriched molasses.

More information on Azucarera's extensive animal feed product range ‘Betalia’ can be found here, as well as their range of fertilisers, soil conditioners and much more.

At British Sugar, the sugar beet pulp is pressed to generate over 500,000 tonnes of animal feed and is supplied to the industry by Trident Feeds, a wholesale division of AB Agri Limited.

Feed derived from feed-grade wheat

At Vivergo Fuels Ltd, 60% of the feed-grade wheat received is used to produce ethanol, and the remaining 40% is protein that is converted into animal feed as part of the production process.

In total, they produce around 400,000 tonnes of feed annually

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