helping to decarbonise road
fleets and supply the food
and drink industry

Produce ethanol

British Sugar was
the first company 
in the UK to
produce ethanol

ERP ORE 90A1560

Ethanol for use in transport

We produce ethanol that is blended in unleaded car fuel known as E5 and E10.

At British Sugar, the ethanol is derived from sugar beet and their ethanol plant produces up to 75 million litres annually. 

At our Vivergo Fuels plant, which is one of Europe’s biggest ethanol producers, the ethanol is derived from feed-grade wheat. The plant produces up to 420 million litres annually, as well as producing around 400,000 tonnes of protein rich animal feed for livestock. 

Beet tops

up to 75 million 
derived from
sugar beet

up to 420
million litres

derived from

Wheat grain field

Vivergo’s journey of ethanol from field to transport...
Local feed-grade wheat is collected > Transported to the Vivergo Plant > stored in Wheat storage then processed in the Flour mill and Brewery, then taken through the Separation process > This produces bioethanol (fuel for boats, cars and trucks) and Animal feed.

Ethanol for use in beverages

In our South Africa and Tanzania operations within Illovo Sugar Africa, we produce high-grade ethanol, or more commonly known as ‘potable alcohol’, derived from molasses. This is used within the drinks industry in their branded alcoholic drinks, for example vodka’s, gins, rums, and more.

On average, we supply around 65,000 litres to the local and regional beverage industry annually.

The full range of ethanol products produced by Illovo Sugar Africa, can be viewed here

Kilombero Distillery

around 65,000
annually for use
within vodka, 
rum, gin and more

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