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Riverside crops


By being able to  use as much of our raw materials as possible,  adapt and invest in new technologies and markets,  we have created a range of products that serves industries, including agriculture, pharmaceutical and healthcare, and much more.

Making the most of every stick of sugar cane and root of sugar beet
Child medical health

Betaine and raffinate

We produce Betaine, an organic compound which occurs naturally in sugar beet.

Through a resin separation process, betaine and raffinate are produced, which are both used in animal feed. We also sell betaine for use in a broad range of animal feed diets, and it can also be found as a supplement in sports nutrition and nutraceutical  products. British Sugar is one of the largest extractors of natural betaine in the world.

Furfural & derivatives

In our South African operations we produce a range of furfural and derivatives.

Furfural is used mainly within furfuryl alcohol and in lube oil refineries as a solvent when purifying base oils, as well as in specialist applications such as the manufacturing of grinding wheels, friction pellets for brake pads and to a lesser extent as a flavour ingredient. 

Furfuryl alcohol is used in areas such as wood treatment to produce acid-resistant coatings and certain pharmaceuticals, as well as a flavour ingredient. More information on the range of these products and specifications, can be found here.



Molasses is a versatile product and can be used for animal feed, as well as being fermented and distilled to produce potable alcohol or ethanol.

Riverside crops

Non-psychoactive cannabis for
children’s medicine

At British Sugar’s horticulture business ‘Riverside’, we grow a non-psychoactive variety of cannabis that is specially cultivated for medical purposes.

This plant contains cannabidiol (CBD), the active pharmaceutical ingredient in Epidyolex®/Epidiolex®, a medicine approved in Europe and the United States of America for the treatment of seizures associated with severe forms of epilepsy in children.

Further information on the medicine can be found here, as well as a look at the glasshouse in the following video:

Conventional and organic seed treatments

Specialising in seed priming, pelleting, film coating, health and polymers, our team at Germains Seed Technology use innovative seed technologies for sugar beet, vegetables and flower seeds. 

The seed treatments compliment producers and growers’ cultivation practices and environmental conditions and helps both conventional and organic growers to improve their crops performance in the field or glasshouse. To find out more, please visit Germains here.

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