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We produce and sell a range of sugar products from both sugar beet and sugar cane across our operations. From granulated, icing or caster sugar found in your kitchen cupboards and sold through retail outlets to our consumers, through to various formats such as liquids, solids or inverts and more, sold to our industrial customers for use in their products where they require specific functionalities from sugar.

All our sugar is sustainably sourced across our supply chain, and we work with a number of different farm assurance models including Red Tractor, SAI, and Fairtrade International. You can find out more here on how we ensure our sugar products are traceable and sustainable.


our sugar products are traceable and sustainable

See how our 
sugar products 
are traceable
and sustainable...

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Getting granular about sugar

Sugar is produced naturally in sugar beet and sugar cane; these plants grow in several different regions around the world. The most common ‘sugars’ found in foods and drinks include sucrose (often known as table sugar), glucose, fructose, maltose and lactose.

Different sugars have different properties (structure, texture, flavour, sweetness and preservative) but the property of each sugar is the same, whether they are naturally present in food and drink or used in preparation.

Sugars are carbohydrates that provide energy for our bodies. The most common sugar in the body is glucose which our brain, major organs and muscles need to function properly.

sugar provides energy

Sugars are
that provide
our bodies

Making Sense of Sugar

Making Sense of Sugar helps inform and educate people about sugar and the role it can play as part of a healthy balanced diet. Our aim is to provide factual information based on robust science so that we can all make informed choices about what we choose to consume. 

It is part of our commitment to thriving and healthy communities - helping to find collaborative solutions to the health challenges in the different countries in which we operate.

Take a look at our Making Sense of Sugar website for information on: the role of sugar in the diet, sugar quizzes, facts and top tips, expert commentary, advice and much more.

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