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We Listen, We Act, We Remedy

Modern Slavery is not a new phenomenon, it happens in every continent and there are currently 40 million people around the world who are victims of modern slavery (ILO 2016).

As an international business, with a diverse supply chain we take the welfare of our workforce extremely seriously. It is therefore important to highlight the challenges facing human rights internationally and ensure our workforce are aware of where to seek support in confidence.

We have taken significant strides forward in recent years to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing human rights internationally, including forced labour in southern Africa.

We are now working to clearly articulate these principles to our workforce, growers and the wider supply chain by producing a practical toolkit to support our teams, wherever they are in the world, to go beyond minimum compliance as part of our group’s zero tolerance approach to modern slavery and protecting those that can be vulnerable and need our support across our extended supply chain.

You can view this Toolkit as well as our Grievance Remediation Mechanism online.

Our latest key developments

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Key development item 1

Provided independent whistleblowing hotlines to help employees raise concerns

Key development item 2

Developed an animated video to support suppliers and community engagement

Key development item 3

Published an interactive global sourcing map, creating transparency of supply chain

Key development item 4

Built staff awareness of modern slavery through online training

Key development item 5

Educated our supply chain about modern slavery though developing a practical toolkit

tackling the
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ABF Sugar 2021 Modern Slavery Statement

ABF Modern
Statement 2021

Nakambala mill

our policies

Our new 2021 ABF Sugar Modern Slavery Statement aligns with the principles of the Associated British Foods plc (ABF) Modern Slavery Statement but puts the challenge and risks into a sugar context. Building on our 2020 statement, this year's details our progress over the past 12 months as well as closely reflecting our substantial agriculture and manufacturing international footprint. 

The statement aims to explain what we perceive to be the biggest potential modern slavery risks in our business footprint and the strategy we intend to use to mitigate against those potential risks.

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areas of modern slavery most relevant to the potential risk our businesses face

Child Labour
Child Labour Thumbnail

Work that is likely to harm health, safety or morals of children

Forced Labour
Forced Labour Thumbnail

Working against their will under the threat of some form of punishment or denial of freedom

Bonded Labour
Bonded Labour Thumbnail

Where people have borrowed money they can not repay and are required to work to pay of their debt

our approach 

This year, we built on our previous work and developed guidance and processes to support our businesses on their continued journey. A Modern Slavery Handbook and Grievance and Remediation process titled ‘We Listen, We Act, We Remedy’ was developed to provide practical tips, templates and processes to help build upon their current practices. One of the links in the Modern Slavery Handbook refers you to this webpage to view our short animation video explaining what Modern Slavery is, which you can view below.We have also completed further analysis into the potentially vulnerable groups within our supply chains and continued our online training.

In 2021, we will continue to promote ‘We Listen, We Act, We Remedy’ across our businesses and the wider supply chain as well offer more opportunities for online training and equipping our people in skills to understand modern slavery, the risks and our approach to tackling this issue. Through our established policies and procedures we will continue to extend influence in the sugar supply chain through awareness raising and capacity building with supply partners that are further down the line than our direct business relationships, as well as continue to scan for any emerging challenges, trends or societal changes for the future.

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