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Floriano Magagula

Process Engineer in Training

Nchalo, Illovo Sugar Malawi

The Faces of AB Sugar
Floriano Magagula Process Engineer in Training Nchalo, Illovo Sugar Malawi

Floriano is in his third year with Illovo Sugar Malawi (Illovo) and is relishing the opportunities that come with working for an international business. From building a cross-country network, to gaining exposure to other operations and markets, as well as the personal development and training programmes offered. Here he explains more:

“What I really like about my job is that its challenging, and I like challenges. When I wake up every morning, I like to tackle goals and make sure I get the job done. I am currently positioned as an acting manager for the juice preparation section of the raw house where I am responsible for the day-to-day operations, ensuring that key performance parameters are met, and the syrup is of the quality our customers require. My role challenges me to be very efficient and effective in everything that I do, and it also calls for me to work collaboratively with colleagues and other teams. It enforces the spirit of teamwork and that’s what I really like. It’s not just about me as a professional, it’s also something that feeds into me as a person, it helps you to grow.

“Due to Illovo’s location across sub-Saharan Africa, I get a lot of exposure to other operations in neighbouring countries, as well as knowledge, experience and resources. I can build my knowledge in particular areas by learning from others and from those who work in the same department in a different country. This, to me, is invaluable as I start out in my career.”

Floriano is also extremely proud and honest that he has always wanted to work for Illovo, ever since he was at school. He comments: “I’m a chemist so just being part of a manufacturing company, making a product from raw materials, has always appealed to me on an individual level.”


He continues: “Sugar production is a complex process but that’s what interests me. I like seeing raw materials being turned into finished products. Through my training programme I’m able to grow as a professional and as an individual. All of the skills and knowledge that we’re learning at the moment, I know they’re going to be valuable as I continue in my career. But there are so many other skills, not just about the technicality of sugar production; but also workforce administration, emotional intelligence, people skills that you can relate to not just in the workplace but also outside of work.

“I know that by investing in me, Illovo are also investing in the company. And for me to payback to the company what they’ve invested in me, it’s a win-win situation.”

Hopes for the future

Floriano concludes: “I would like to be given more responsibilities and more opportunities to grow as a person and as an individual. For the company, I would like to see them being operational for the next 125 years and beyond, so it continues to do the good job for the local people, the local economy and the country.”

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